Foreign Weapons Armorer’s Course



Course Name:

Foreign Weapons Armorer’s Course

Course Cost:


Course dates:

Nov. 16-20 2020

Course location:

Dilley, TX ( San Antonio) at Untethered Resources Group Training Facility

Course Description:

This course is taught by the same instructors that teach USASOC and our DOD clients. Foreign Weapons Armorer certificate will be presented to each student upon completion.

Who can attend? :

Any law enforcement or military. Any properly vetted civilian. URG will vet civilian applicants.

Course outline:

Students will shoot and learn about the following systems: PKM, DShK, RPD, AK/AKM, Scorpion, MG42/M53, Makarov, RPG-7

Required Equipment:

Ear and eye protection

Personal Individual First aid kit (Gear to be used on you)



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