Courses Offered

Automatic Weapons Course/AW

Automatic Weapons Course/AW

Provide an advanced squad automatic weapon operator skills re-fresher. Training and performance builder course of instruction for Mil & LEO.

  • Maintenance and Armorer
  • Realoading techniques and procedures, malfunctions and stoppages
  • Urban operation techniques, vehicle operations setup & considerations
  • Low light / night vision operations
machine gun 1
Foreign Weapons Course

Foreign Weapons Course

Focus of the course is general field use of each firearm, identification of parts and models, disassembly/assembly and armorer hints. Ammunition characteristics and idiosyncrasies will be covered. Battlefield recovery of parts as well as fast disabling each system is covered.

  • Non-US weapons
  • AK's and PKM series
  • Larger machine guns and launchers
  • Course length is based on clients needs
Special Operations Pack Animal Course

Special Operations Pack Animal Course

The Basic Special Operations Pack Animal Course is to ensure proper training for specific tasks / missions which requires the use of horses or mules.

  • Horsemanship 101
  • Specializing in heavy haul, movement of crew-served weapons and difficult loads
  • Packing of equipment & improvised rigging
  • Animal Care ( First Aid )
sf pack animal course 2
Tactical Casualty Care Course

Tactical Casualty Care Course

TCCC ( co-tccc ) to teach evidence based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield. This is a NAEMT sponosored course. Clients will receive a NAEMT certification at course completion.

  • TCCC courses as specified by the Co-TCCC's guidelines
  • Combined approach of didactic lecture with hands on application
  • Skills for managing a multisystem trauma patient, culimate with FTX
  • Greared towards the non-clinical first reponder
Performance Pistol Course

Performance Pistol Course

This course is designed for the individuals such as armed professionals & CHL holders looking to increase their skill set with a handgun.

  • Training on principles, not just techniques
  • Learn and understand the science of reactive shooting
  • Understanding of the shooting cycle
Untethered Resources Group
defensive driving
Counter Terrorism Driving Course

Counter Terrorism Driving Course

Design to provide classroom and practical training on observation skills and driving techniques used by security professionals to identfy and evade terrorist and criminal threats in a austere environment.

  • Learn to prepare and evaluate situations
  • Vehicle ramming techniques
  • Evasive driving maneuvers
  • Using vehicle as primary weapon
TCOLE Approved Courses

TCOLE Approved Courses

  • Basic Precision Rifle ( 5 Day )
  • Advanced Precision Rifle ( 5 Day )
  • Rural Stalk ( 3 Day )
  • Night Vision ( 2 Day )
  • Urban Hide ( 2 Day )
  • Vehicle Hide ( 2 Day )
civilian course

Approved Civilian Courses

  • Precision Hunter ( 3 Day )
  • Advanced Precision Hunter ( 3 Day )
  • Basic Long Range Shooting ( 3 Day )
  • Advanced Long Range Shooting ( 3 Day )
  • Night Hunter ( 3 Day )